October 5, 2022

Coloring tip: blonde before the summer with a sun spray

For nothing in the world you would give in to the calls of artifices dyeing your hair blond ... You're a natural, finally! Artifices, you only use for a shot of mascara ... Sometimes a blow of blush ... even a veil of baby cream or foundation ...

In short, to improve while remaining in the natural, there is a hair solution that would advance the summer for natural blondes who turned auburn or ashen during the winter.

The lightening sun spray, what is it?
A hair care for already clear bases, apply on wet hair to gain a tone by fading slightly and gradually, a little like the sun ...

The user manual
For a slight effect, some "pschittées" doses on the whole of the hair are enough to illuminate it. If we sprinkle the wicks, the effect will be proportional and progressive for each application. This makes the dosage quite easy after a first try. And leave the choice on the importance of enlightenment

For who ?
For clear and unstained shades.
For the stressed ones of the coloring who fear maintenance or the hair loss with platinum blond option. As it is all the same to discolor the hair, remains the question of roots. But for light use, the marking will remain very natural.

Warning !
Difficult to perfectly control the color with this transparent water to spread with the brush. And other difficulty, the product is not available in all supermarkets, so you have to open the eye in store!

Dessange flashing sun spray 9.95 euros
Spray Go Blonder Sheer Blond 10.80 euros.

Spray Cristal Sun Garnier 9.90 euros

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