July 12, 2024

Connected sport: the best apps to get moving

Get Speedo Fit
No more excuses not to chase the lengths all winter long. Already because to decompress, we rarely do better, and that the swimming is ideal for carving a dream body.
Thanks to Get Speedo Fit, I record my geographical location and instantly receive useful information about the nearest nautical center (types of pools, ticket price, opening hours ...). After the effort, I record my exploits and the application keeps them in memory. See that our performance progresses over sessions, it is ideal to keep a good motivation.

Available on Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch.
Become a running pro in a few weeks thanks to the application from Jiwok.com. Specially adapted for beginners, the program adapts to everyone's abilities and follows the evolution. The big plus? The instructions of a coach are mixed with a music catchy, sorted by genre (rock, pop, funk, soul ...) on Jiwok or from the music of his phone.
In addition to running lessons, you can also discover how to prepare for your skiing holiday, a session of swimming or water aerobics, lose weight while moving, use an elliptical or treadmill, and finally, stretch well after exercise.
Available on Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch and Android.

Move in musicit's always more motivating, especially when you're alone. It's also a good way to find your rhythm, by leaning on that of the music. To save you time, move on the compilations available on Spotify. You can also enjoy the radio service or connect to the wall of other users, whose musical tastes can inspire you.
Available on Iphone and Ipad, Android and Windows Phone.
Actipod Pedometer
With this pedometer app, you'll be able to easily evaluate the number of steps taken in the day and the calories lost. Let it be said, walking is the first thing to do when you want to be in form. Most. The application automatically resets every day to work without you thinking about it.
Available on Android, Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch.
Better Body Yoga
Become an ace of the lotus position and major in the art of breathing, thanks to this specialized application, which offers all the keys to realize the different positions performed in a yoga class. Each movement is explained by a coach, you just have to reproduce it. If you like it, you put it in your favorites so you can find it easily.
Available on Android, Iphone, Ipad and Windoxs Phone.

Find the form thanks to 7 minutes of fitness. These mini-sessions are perfect to move as soon as you have a little time in front of you, without ever getting tired over time. But do not think it's a game. The positions change every 30 seconds to maintain a high heart rate throughout the session. Gradually, increase the intensity of the exercises to progress quickly and see real effects on the body.
Available on Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch, Windows Phone and Android.