August 15, 2020

Controversial: fashion editors jealous of bloggers?

Refined in the small, cozy world of fashion. Under the gold of podiums and spotlights, fashion editors of magazines have declared war on bloggers, whom they accuse of stealing their place. A controversy that feels the draw of a bun!

It's Christophe Kane who launches the assault against fashion bloggers in the Vogue English: "anyone who wants to read serious comments about a parade would not want to see what a 14-year-old girl thinksThe creator goes so far as to declare war on bloggers:

 "It's a bit incensed, is not it? Everything happened so suddenly, in the forefront of some parades this season there were only bloggers."

But why so much hatred? For a place at the forefront of parades high fashion. Derisory will think some, a thunderclap in the small world of fashion. Imagine a little: until then, to reach the holy of holies, the first rank of parades Chanel, Dior, or Louis Vuitton, you had to be Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld, understand how to lead the editorial department of a prestigious and very chic fashion magazine.

But things are changing, fashion bloggers dethroning the fashion pops. Dolce & Gabbana designers announced that they would invite bloggers to their next parade. Horror scream these editors, ready to plant their stilettos in the laptop of their rival. Sacrilegious scream some creators, including Albert Elbaz, who seem to fear the influence of the canvas.

Cherry on the cake and point of friction when, Tavi, 13 years!, Was proposed a chronicle by the cultissime Harper's bazaar, languages ​​have loosened! Too much is too much think some, jealous of their prerogatives, acquired hard struggle.

It must be said that receiving the precious card is in itself a consecration for these editors. So get stung by bloggers, the small oven is difficult to swallow!

But what advantage then for brands to risk getting angry with powerful copywriters? The buzz of course! And the benefits far superior to those of a paper magazine, prestigious, but in the confidential print.

It remains to be seen whether the eye of bloggers will be sharper than that of fashion journalists, to find out, patience until the next Fashion Week in January!

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