February 29, 2024

Coppa, serrano & co: what charcuterie for my raclette?

The charcuterie is one of the three crucial elements to ensure the success of our raclette: after having carefully selected the potatoes and opted for a cheese gourmand, all we have left to do is select the sausages. We set our sights on at least 5 kinds of charcuterie, just to vary the pleasures!
The coppa : of Corsican and Italian origin, it is consumed raw. This product is dried at least two months before being consumed. It has a very salty and slightly peppery taste.
The serrano : his name comes from Sierra, a mountainous region of Spain from which comes the famous ham from Serrano. It is also a ham believed.
The speck : it's a ham very lean, it is delicately smoked and more hams ordinary raw. It marries wonderfully with cheese melted, but also with melon.
The pancetta : often presented in roulade, like sausages. Made from Italian cold cuts, it has a peppery taste. It can also be used for our carbonara sauces, it's excellent!
The meat of grisons : it is a Swiss preparation of dried beef. It is flavored with Alpine herbs and spices, which gives it a particular taste. It changes the pork butchery, so why not?
The colonnata : Italian charcuterie very fat made in Tuscany, its appearance is white and its rectangular shape, it is easily recognized. The upper part of this deli is covered with sea salt, black pepper, rosemary and fresh garlic, while the interior retains the rind.
Chorizo : sausage originating from the Iberian Peninsula and known to all. This charcuterie is famous for its paprika seasoning and its rust color. We can obviously use it to twister our recipes raclette.
Bresaola raw and dried meat of beef, it must be cut into very thin slices, not more than 1 millimeter. Excellent also in carpaccio!
Condiments, salads and vegetables are also invited to the raclette party for maximum pleasure and variety!

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