November 28, 2022

Corine de Farme: the saga of the brand

Corine de Farme, the story: In 1974, Patrick Van der Schrieck creates Corine de Farme, a mark of body care and face to the whole family, which aims for the best quality of skin products at the same time as the most affordable prices: popular and demanding. The key words of the brand, "naturalness, high tolerance, security", have not changed since the beginning. It is also necessary to count with the pleasure and of course, the well-being. With the years, Corine de Farme has targeted its ambitions, declining its offer in 3 segments: Family, Organic Care and Babygiene.

This responsible aspect, this quest for the natural, will only be confirmed with the years: in 2005, Corine de Farme, with the Sarbec Cosmétiques laboratories, works towards a greener commitment (100% biodegradable fiber wipes, face care and body of natural origin ...). Since early 2011, Eric Jacquemet, son-in-law of Patrick Van der Schrieck, has taken over the head of the family group Corine de Farme/ Sarbec Cosmetics, defending the spirit of innovation and respect for nature and the body.


WE love : Sweetness, protection, affordable price range ... Corine de Farme is thought for the family. The brand multiplies the innovations with regard to women, babies, offers since its beginnings large formats. This is also reflected in the aesthetics of the products: rounded bottles, green shades, the color of nature and now organic.


Corine de Farme today: The commitment of the cosmetics brand in terms of ecological, practical and quality was rewarded in 2010 and 2011. First of all, the anti-wrinkle skincare and the sparkling foam after-sun were awarded the prize. of the Victory of Beauty 2010-2011. Since then, cleansing lotions in single doses (at 99% natural origin) have also received this distinction for 2011-2012. In 2011, the candidates for the Miss France elite plebiscite Corine de Farme and let their pretty face and elegant body care for these cosmetics of choice.


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