April 17, 2024

Cotton is trendy!

Sportswear, indoor wear, T-shirts, soft and supple skirts, fluid dresses ... the cotton allows all genres and if you choose ethics you will do good to the planet! A short overview of uses ...
Ethical cotton is chic! Young designers have made it a concept. They offer clothes in cotton organic, guaranteed without GMOs or pesticides, and therefore hypoallergenic.
Even mainstream ready-to-wear brands are coming in and are displaying a range of cotton biological ... You have no more excuses not to succumb!
The association Yamana awards a label "citizen fiber" that guarantees the origin and type of production.
Winter or summer, cotton adapts to the climate ... From cozy underwear to thick fiber fleece sweaters, the cotton allows you to cross comfortably the frosts. There are even fleece-lined jackets or capes for cold weather. In the summer, the clothes of cotton lighter, from t-shirt to tunic in sail from cotton, let the skin breathe naturally.
Tunics, blouses, pants, skirts or dresses, cotton adapts to all styles! Depending on the type of clothing, pay attention to the holding of the fabric. The cotton end suits blouses, T-shirts; for pants, skirts or dresses, it is necessary to prefer a cotton heavier or mixed with other fibers, and stretch for close-fitting shapes.

Our advice:
The pure cotton washes at 30 or 40 ° maximum, the cottons African style with indigo must soak for several hours in cold water with a handful of coarse salt, not to rub off.

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