January 16, 2022

Couple: they love each other at a distance

Difficult to love yourself in these conditions and lead a serene life without your man at home. While for the most part it is a daily challenge, others easily tame this situation and even claim it as a way of life. And for you ?

Far from the eyes, near the heart
What more romantic than the image of those torn lovers, who suffer to be able to love each other, who live only to find themselves? This man and woman who drink from flaming letters or unlimited texting, who support the absence of the other against all odds, despite lonely nights, endless journeys, delayed flights and savory phone bills .
"Thelove moves mountains and does not care about distance ": this is the version of the eternal romantics who feed their fantasies with stories of grandmothers, Harlequin novels and poignant TV movies. Blue bicycle. Between illusion and pragmatism, they chose the most beautiful, the watered down version, the hope rather than the fatalism. Still, let's be realistic: long-distance relationships are not always good to see ...

Love put to the test
Are you one of those women, more numerous, than the distance oppressed? Nothing more normal. You want it to be there in good times and in bad days. May he see your happy face, laugh with you about everything and nothing, and remind you that in fact, be in couple does not imply only concessions or suffering. Let him be there to lend you a piece of your shoulder, calm your sobs, share your sorrow or, at times, lecture you when you feel a little too much.
Finally, you want it with you even when there is nothing to report, these days a little useless, colorless, painless, where you are not at the top of your shape or on the edge of the abyss. You want it to be there because theloveaccording to you, it's not just foolish statements or acts of bravery that take your breath away, but simply his presence at your side.

Because we have to do with ...
And then there are those who make a reason, who manage to take advantage of their time in solo to pass more quickly the days or the hours which separate them from the reunion. Those who, once their man at home, know how to reverse the trend and stop the time, just to forget the next separation and make the escape is all the more beautiful.
Because it's an art to face the everyday life " couple but only ", to communicate correctly despite the distance, not to sink in the jealousy to excess or the lawsuit of intentions." It is better to be alone than poorly accompanied ", but it is better to be alone than accompanied by far This question is answered by the next testimonies ...
"An everyday ordeal" Sarah, 24, a student, has been living this situation for 5 years. "It's not as if I had the choice, I live with not asking too much questions, I live in Bordeaux, he's in Lille, it's like that, the hardest thing to manage is obviously the Missing a few days every three weeks and during the holidays, it seems ridiculous, but that's all we have, so we both lack patience, we tend to be very reproachful in the bad days, sometimes I have the feeling that everything separates us, that the distance is too strong, too present, and then there are those moments when thelove erases all doubts and regrets, where I realize that our efforts are paying off, that our couple is strong and will win. "
"The ideal solution" Bénédicte, 37, a nurse, is a widow and has shared Gilles's life for three years.
"After the death of my husband, I did not want to relaunch myself in a relationship too heavy.When I met Gilles, I realized that a long-distance relationship would suit me perfectly. We only see each other on the weekends, the week he sends me sweet words, I love it, I feel constantly courted, he does not get tired of me, and vice versa. time to take care of my children, they do not feel that I'm trying to replace their daddy and accept the situation pretty well.I had almost done a cross on men, fortunately this way of life Out of my loneliness Today I can say that I am happy! "
"A real proof of love" Valérie, 44 years old, maternal assistant, has been married for 23 years to Christophe, a truck driver.
"My husband goes to work on Monday morning, and returns on Friday night very late.We do not see him of the week, his days are difficult, he returns very often exhausted but always in a good mood. He loves to find his family and brings me regular gifts. We have three children: Kevin, 18, Alissa, 13, and the youngest, Téo, 5 years old. Their dad misses them a lot during the week, but they are used to it and suddenly the big ones are very responsible. They are very nice, they help me with housework, but also psychologically. Their affection allows me to better live the absence of my husband. In my opinion, this way of life requires adjustments, but especially manylove. From adults as well as children. "
"Never again !" Marie-Charlotte, 21, press secretary.
"Two years ago, I fell madly in love with this Italian, he was handsome, witty, his accent made me crack, and let's say it, the idea of ​​going out with a stranger pleased me well. stayed in Rome for another three weeks, at his request, and then we decided to stay together after my return to France.The first year went well, we could see each other almost a week a month, and we loved each other He introduced me to his family, to his friends, made promises to melove eternal, told me to want to make children, etc. And then little by little, he got tired. He was less insistent that I should come, he would call me less, grumble for nothing, make fun of me when I complained about the distance. Until the day I decided to surprise him and land unexpectedly. And there, you expect it: I caught him in bed with another. Once back in France, crushed by grief, I called him many times. He never answered me. Long distance relationships? Never again: it is the best way to be deceived and trample on the heart without having the slightest idea ... "

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