January 31, 2023

Cult Perfumes: The Flower By Kenzo Story

A short history of the Kenzo brand

In 1970, the house Kenzo is created by the Japanese creator Kenzo Takada. Lovers of France, he does his whole career. In 1988, the brand creates its first perfume Kenzo for men. This woody fragrance accompanied by blue bamboo becomes a classic.

Creation of the Flower by Kenzo fragrance

In 2000, Kenzo launch the woman perfume Flower. By the light of day, a poppy gushes out of the roofs of Paris. Difficult to make a place when the petals are fragile and soft. But the magic happens when this red flower unites nature and city. Happiness can be seen on the faces of city dwellers who breathe again.

Three accords compose this fragrance that harmonizes freshness and lightness. The floral accord brings the energy of perfume accompanied by Bulgarian rose petals by combining purple violet. Jasmine and incense bring the vibrant accord that energizes the perfume. Vanilla drops mixed with white musk give warmth to the floral bouquet. Voluptuous and sweet, the perfume Flower intoxicates candid and simple women. The shape of the bottle is in the image of modernity while remaining discreet.

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