May 30, 2020

Cult Perfumes: The story of Poison by Christian Dior

Poison of the House Christian Dior was created in 1985 by Maurice Roger, the director of perfumes.
This true myth of perfumery Dior embodies the captivating and enigmatic character of the woman par excellence. Secret unveiled, the perfume is a fusion of floral spices with a touch of rose, coriander, musk, cinnamon and amber.

The rounded shape of the almost opaque amethyst bottle (a purple quartz) accentuates the mysterious and venomous side of the perfume.
This poison is an authentic nod to the myth of Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit. The olfactory wake enchants every woman and gives the desire to transgress all the rules.
With his great success, Christian Dior decides to decline Poison with Tender Poison, Pure Poison, Hypnotic Poison and Poison Midnight who each have a different character.

Melanie Laurent becomes the new muse of Christian Dior for the perfume Hypnotic Poison. This blonde with many facets gives the tone of this charismatic bouquet.
Let yourself be carried away by the poisonous magic of this inevitable poison.

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