February 29, 2024

Cupping therapy: a new technique to boost fertility?

Cupping therapy what is it?
Cupping therapy, also known as Suction Medicine, emanates from a synthesis of the concept of contemporary medical education, osteopathic medicine and Chinese medicine (acupuncture). Small cup-shaped cups are placed on the body, at particular points, and will have a vascular action on body areas, ancestral used in osteopathy.

Before being placed on the body, the cups are heated to create a phenomenon called "acupressure", which will generate a reflex on the blood and act on the body, to allow it to self-regulate and restore its good energy. The suction cups stay on the skin for 5 to 15 minutes. The benefits are many: improvement of circulation, relief of muscle pain, reduction of tension related to stress, reduction of cellulite ... and booster fertility !

Like acupuncture, cupping therapy acts on tensions and eliminates toxins to allow the body to access the natural healing process to relieve various problems, depending on the diagnosis. Much less painful than acupuncture and its fearsome needles, cupping medicine could become THE new method to adopt!

During his recent visit to the red carpet, Jennifer Aniston appeared the back covered with unsightly white traces, proof of his repeated cupping therapy sessions! Indeed, it is no longer a secret, at 44, the ex-Brad Pitt and future wife of Justin Théroux finally wants to become a mother and intends to put all the chances on his side!


Warning !
The suckers leave ugly marks on the back! To avoid if you are wedding for example! Cupping therapy should be done by a professional. Ask about the qualifications of the practitioner as improperly practiced, this method can cause injury. Also avoid if you tend to bleed easily or if you have a skin disease.

The opinion of the specialist : Dr. HENRY Daniel, Physiotherapist, Ostheopath, Member of the French Association of Chinese Massokin, and author of volumes 1 & 2 "The Medicine of Suckers", TREDANIEL editions tells us about cupping therapy.

How does Cupping Therapy boost your fertility ?
"In an organically sterile woman or with hormonal organic problems, cupping will be obsolete in first intention.But many hypofertilies have functional reasons, congestive, even sometimes psychological, in these cases the protocol can boost things. suckers that "lay" an egg, but promote pelvic decongestion, a condition that will promote the continuation ".

Benefits to Medical Cupping (February 2024)