April 17, 2024

Curly hair: pretty curls or straight hair, even fight!

Xtenso, Redken, the new smoothing

In recent years, there has been a new range of smoothing products adapted to hair Métis or with tight curls, without being too frizzy. These smoothing products, from L'Oréal for Xtenso and Redken brand, new in the curly hair market, offers products that are less strong than traditional Afro straighteners and more adapted to certain types of crimps or curls. This often concerns hair mixed, for whom afro straightening is too strong. The product is also suitable for curly hair.
If the chemical compounds present in these new products are effective, they must also be accompanied by specific gestures of the hairdresser who must work the hair to have a better result. That is why it is advisable to perform these new smoothings at a specialist, rather than at home.
In the end, the smoothing will have the effect of relaxing your hair, to redraw the curls, for wider undulations, with less frizz. Blow dryers will also be able to realize that as a result of this smoothing, hair are also softened and smoother. What save a few minutes in his bathroom.
It usually takes 3 to 6 months, depending on the regrowth of your hair, to restart the operation at the root level.
Afro hair straightener, more and more gentle

Hair straightening products sold for frizzy hair afro type are strong products, not to be used lightly. Many do their own hair straightening at home, but they are often less successful than at the hairdresser. Indeed the way to put the product on the hair is important. On the other hand, many women often leave the product for too long and end up losing their hair, especially at the temples and neck. Attention therefore, it is not about innocuous products.
Brands specialized in afro hair straighteners are now offering softer and softer products that better respect the hair and allow it, once the treatment is done, to regain a good level of hydration. of the hair however, require much more care than hair because of sensitization due to chemicals.
The result, hair stiff, sometimes too stiff, lacking flexibility. To give shape and suppleness to the hair, it is often necessary to go through the set-up step, hair straightener and hair curlers. Short cuts are often the simplest cuts to maintain on the one hand, and they also avoid this side a little stiff that some hair can have. The hair long will simply require more maintenance for a better effect.
The new permanent straightening, the Yuko also called Japanese straightening

A new straightening has made its appearance. It's called Japanese straightening or Yuko. It is a permanent straightening that allows to obtain hair smooth without effort. No need to go through the blow drying step every week. Permanent straightening allows you to keep hair smooth all the time, as the name suggests. One might even think that you were born with hair steep. This is the new solution for all those who dreamed of having hair stewards all their lives, like many women in frizzy hair or curly.
The secret of this straightening: hot plates pass on the hair once the relaxing product posed. This makes it possible to deeply modify the nature of the hair and make it smooth, without the cardboard effect.
Whether you just want to loosen your curls or switch to hair smooth, there are different solutions. It also remains the solution to leave your hair natural, to take good care of them and find the cuts that will best enhance them. For this, the main thing is to have a good hairdresser!

Women With Curly Hair Perfect Their Curls (April 2024)