April 17, 2024

Customize your bag at Louis Vuitton!

More chic than the last it bag, more exclusive than the last bag Jerome Dreyfuss in python, Louis Vuitton proposes a service of personalization of its bags : the speedy, the pegase and the keepal.

Concretely, you choose your model, you put down your initials and you choose your colors, all on a computer which allows to preview the final result.

8 weeks later, your bag exclusive and unique exists. While you have to be patient and count a little more than the classic model, but the gift is worth it.

My Monogram service in shops Louis Vuitton. From 625? for the Speedy small model.

Unboxing $2,500 Louis Vuitton Men's Bag | Custom Keepall | Alex Costa (April 2024)