April 20, 2024

Dalia and Rose, a new ethical store

The French is asking more and more questions about its mode of consumption. Indeed, his purchases are becoming more and more thoughtful. Products from organic farming and fair trade are becoming increasingly important. And fashion is no exception to this change in behavior. It is in this context that the Dalia and Rose boutique will open in April. Dalia and Rose will then propose a multi-brand store concept of 42m², located at 9 rue du Marché Saint Honoré, in Paris.
A small fashion, design and art boutique, Dalia and Rose offers only ethical brands, which means socially and environmentally responsible brands. At the origin of this concept store, we find Clelia Moretton, former model, passionate about fashion and design, who set the goal of spreadingethical luxuary, a high-end fashion and especially engaged.

Dalia and Rose therefore favors in its store organic fabrics as well as products resulting from a controlled manufacturing method, most often artisanal.
Thus, Dalia and Rose offers several brands that share these values. Among them, the brand Camilla Norback, Swedish brand offering a feminine collection made of 100% organic fabrics (cotton, silk, organza). We also find the brands Leaf (India), Aquaverde (jeans), Macqua and Sandrina Fasoli already known for his collaboration with Mango.
Side accessories, we find the brand of leather goods Stéphane Verdino, the jewelry ethical Claire Shadow, Nikki b, Mathias Chaize, The light of dawn and Chan luu... So many ethical brands with refined products that come to the richness of the concept store Dalia and Rose. An idea that will certainly be emulated!
Dalia and Rose
9, rue du Marché St-Honoré
75001 Paris
la France

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