January 16, 2022

Dan Lungu's hen's paradise

Jean-Marc Brunier, from the bookshop Lunar Dial, in Mâcon, has selected for us a book by the Romanian author Dan Lungu, his favorite of recent months. 

"The Romanian novel was, this year, at the heart of the" Belles Etrangères ", this cultural event that aims to discover literatures from elsewhere, in thirty French cities.

Let's take this opportunity to talk about Dan Lungu. He is one of the main authors of his country ... and yet, "The hen's paradise" is his first book translated into French. In this comedy "à l'italienne", version country of the east, the true heroine is the street of the Acacias. We go back and, from door to door, we meet the inhabitants who make it live. And what a life! The truculent and picaresque scenes follow the ordinary scenes of post-communism and economic transition. The languages ​​are loosened, the language is popular, it chatters loudly to the "Tractor crumpled", bistro of the street and place of racontars.

Of course, this book makes us laugh a lot, always on the verge of tragicomic. But also, it makes us discover what could be the life of the Romanian people before, during and after Ceausescu. Sometimes a certain nostalgia even point between the lines of Dan Lungu."

The hen's paradise, Dan Lungu (Editions Jacqueline Chambon, 200 pages, 18?)
Jean-Marc Brunier holds the Lunar Dialog bookshop, 27 rue Franche, 71000, Mâcon

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