June 23, 2024

Dare ... eco sex!

We do not advise, as the cover of Arthur de Pins suggests, to throw your guy in a trash. We simply alert you to this little book, a real concentrate of humor organic, which came out on March 20th, 2009: Dare ... Marc Dannam's eccentric sex.

This is the latest addition to the hilarious Osez collection, small, playful and accurate books devoted to all sexual practices. And the green sex, it's not that hard to respect! Recycled paper journals, biodegradable condoms, passionate lovemaking in nature ... Everything is there to guide you on the organic attitude to adopt with your partner (s) of sexual game!

Here are some pearls to better communicate with Mother Nature: exit the dredge by car. Cycling is so much more in the wind! Ditto for battery-powered sex toys that consume so much energy: natural aphrodisiacs can be very powerful and effective! In short, all the advice of a pro to be "in". Without forgetting your pleasure, of course.

After all, since we are thinking about new behaviors in terms of transportation, food, energy consumption, why not look at sex and change our habits a little? Although sex seems to be a natural practice, some of its aspects can be polluting. It's up to you to discover all this in the delightful book of Marc Dannam, already author in the same collection of Dare to make love to 2, 3, 4, Dare the Kamasutra etc. It's a connoisseur we tell you!

Very good reading to you, treat yourself and do not forget the supreme goal: your pleasure!

Dare ... ecological sex, Marc Dannam, Editions La Musardine, 8?
For more information: www.lamusardine.com

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