May 28, 2024

Dare to talk while making love!

Raise desire with words
Talking to him during love allows you to express your desires and spice up your legs in the air. It is above all a game of seduction that aims to excite your partner to the maximum. But to speak in a moment of total abandonment is not easy! Let go while staying under control: an art!

Thanks to a few words spoken at the right time, you can strengthen your complicity. Sharing becomes your watchword: you are less in your bubble and taking your foot each on your side is no longer an option. Words complement the body language while you make love. This is a ritual for some couples, for others, it is more casual when they engage for example in role plays.

Your man sometimes tries to accompany his tender or fiery gestures with a few words, but you can not join him in his "delirium". Put your shyness aside, get started! Who knows ? Maybe the formula "little words, mega effects" concerns you! To have the heart, you just have to try ...

Many couples, however, do not feel the need to come to words. Is mutism synonymous with sexual problem? No: if none of the partners wish to talk during love, then there is no frustration or lack. It's not an obligation for each couple to see if the experience is trying them ...

Which words ?
Speaking during love, why not, but to say what?
The "practical information": those, no need to be the most sassy or extrovert to say them. "Higher, lower, slower, again, yes like that", etc. They are to be pronounced without moderation: the more indications your partner has, the more likely he will be to get you up to the ceiling (rather than contemplate him, eyes in the wave, waiting for him to finish ...)

The sweet words: when the act of love ends with a "I love you". These words reinforce your complicity, they help you to become one.

Naughty words: sometimes spoken as part of a game of domination / submission or just for the pleasure of your half as well as yours. Needless to say they are there to boost your excitement. We find in these words sometimes raw, almost salacious, the attraction of the forbidden and a certain animality. "Grrrr ..."

Watch out for misfires
A tip: do not go too far. Avoid the overly vulgar or the sentimental dripping! You might cut him off, which is obviously not your goal.
Some men do not like being talked about too trivially and prefer to fantasize about the innocent, almost innocent side of their partner. Ditto for the inflammatory declarations that you could make them in full act: a "you are the love of my life" placed too early and it is the ensuing debacle ... It will not be repeated to you enough: everything is in the measure!

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