March 26, 2023

David Beckham: his Union Street Café is already sold out!

Good or bad news ? David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay open their new restaurant today. It's called Union Street Café. But do not be in a hurry to taste the dishes of the two acolytes because it is already complete.

Indeed, the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay announced a few weeks ago on his Twitter account that 1200 seats were reserved in 30 minutes. It took less than four hours for the restaurant to display full until November with 2500 bookings.
This enthusiasm sparked the surprise of Chief Gordon Ramsay who was not used to such a craze for his business. "In London, there is a phenomenal number of restaurants opening in September, so it's amazing to see the number of responses after opening reservations."
For David Beckham, it is blessed bread. After football and modeling, it seems that he is starting his reconversion very well. Its first restaurant is about to make itself a place of choice in the world of catering.

The place to be in London
Even before its dishes are tasted and tasted, the Union Street Café is already raging. It would not be surprising if it becomes the new trendy culinary spot, located in the London Borough of Southwark in London.
Card side, we do not know much. The restaurant would turn to Mediterranean influences. Neither the menu nor the prices are yet specified. We only know that there will be a different menu every day with seasonal products, provided by local producers, from Italy and around the Mediterranean.
What is certain is that some young girls hope to meet beautiful handsome David Beckham!



Union Street Cafe,

47-51 Great Suffolk Street

London SE1 0BS

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