June 6, 2020

Day makeup: gradient eyes

Step 1: after having worked the complexion, you will also powder the eyes while avoiding the eyebrows for the lands of sun. The powder (or foundation) will fix the color for a longer hold.

2nd step : take the middle shade of the trio of colors. For example: the light pink for a trio purple / pink / beige. And apply this shade over the entire eyelid to the bottom of the eyebrow. The application is done either on the finger or brush ball, or wide cat language. Depending on the depth of the color, you will pass two applications.

Step 3: on the outer corner of the eye and to the fold of the arch, you will deposit the darkest color (eg purple) by tapping the end of the brush. Then you will take the ball brush to melt the color, avoiding too obvious demarcations. If you do not put a black pencil flush with the lower lashes, you can use this same shade to emphasize the look along the lower lashes.

Step 4 : finger spread the pearly color below the eyebrow to enlarge the look. Be careful, the eyebrows must have an irreproachable line to allow this gesture. Otherwise, just a deposit in the inner corner of the eye that will bring a touch of light in discretion.

Step 5: with a fan brush, you will sweep the excess of makeup that could be deposited above the cheekbones. Never try to remove it with the back of the finger, at the risk of losing ten good minutes to patch up the complexion.

If you have 2 more minutes:
We apply a makeup base especially if we opt for liquid textures, thus avoiding residues on the folds.
. We finish with a veil of a high-definition powder to permanently fix the colors.

If you have less than 2 minutes:
. Apply the pearly base all over the eye and, with a black pencil, color the outer corner in the shape of a triangle and spread your finger.

SIMPLE AND EASY COLOURFUL GRADIENT EYE MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Easy way to wear colourful eyeshadow (June 2020)