October 25, 2021

Decoding of hairstyles trend of autumn-winter 2012

We are surfing on the boyish trend. For Fabien, it's the big comeback of short hair. The boyish cut is the "must" cut of autumn-winter 2012. People like Vanessa Hudgens have already adopted it! To feminize the boyish side, Fabien Provost suggests to make a tapered fringe on the side, which will give an ultra feminine appearance to the cut. A sexy cut that looks mutinous ... So chic!

The hull is back! The bun is in the spotlight among the hairstyles 2012 trends. It's up to you to play the rock stars by choosing a shell bun. For this bun, Fabien Provost part of a classic banana bun he will modernize. "The trend is once again natural, slightly worked, that's why I work a lot on the finger," says Fabien.

We loop! We play it femme fatale. We want volume and movement. Fabien Provost was inspired by the Hollywood glamor of the 40's by betting on very curvy and very voluptuous curls to give a pin-up side! Rebels, or wiser, the curls are worn on long or short hair.

Let go ! Noticeable during parades (DKNY, Isabel Marant ...), the trend is with loose hair, slightly smoothed, which is quietly allowed to breathe. They wear indifferently with the line in the middle or on the side.

We adopt the hairstyle-décoiffé ... For Fabien, the hairstyles must appear the least worked possible.
"We play with shapes and volumes to create modern, elegant feminine haircuts, but the goal is to make these hairstyles very natural, "says Fabien

We're squared! With three trends for the season: the smooth square, which stops just after the ears, subtly degraded? on the tips to bring softness, with a slightly long front lock. The slightly symmetrical square, which brings a real personality and the wavy square to the American to refuel sensuality.


We put on the fringe but tapered. Forget it if you wear long hair, frank is reserved this season only short hair. Fabien recommends a fringe a little unstructured to bring a touch of modernity.

And color side? The blond is clearly one of the flagship colors of the season, especially the northern blonde for its natural, bright. He has to weather well with time. Roux continues to gain ground, women still love its mysterious side ...
We accessorize ... but slightly For Fabien, we play soft this fall. The only accessory allowed for winter: the wool headband to wear only on long hair!


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