September 30, 2020

Decryption: why am I attracted only to married men?

The irresistible charm of transgression
If the "committed" man likes it as much, it is first because it is shrouded in this aura of prohibition so sexy. Psychologically, it may indeed seem much more exciting to be interested in someone who is a priori out of our reach rather than an accessible boy, with whom everything is possible from the start. A mechanics of desire that is quite comparable to that one could experience for a celebrity, rock star or young seventh art. By putting it in our bed or even in our life, it is in a way the Grail that one picks up ...

His suitability label for couples
The other reason for the caste's power of seduction is that it is stamped as a "safe bet". His legitimate having tested and approved his abilities to make her happy to the point of being passed with him in front of the Mayor, we can suppose that it is not a naughty, immature or a compulsive flight. Appetizing therefore for the unlucky ones who have just collected so far unreliable boys!

Competition, when you hold us!
It is a little less honorable but it must also be admitted that for some of us, a married man equal hunting trophy, which then allows to display its power of seduction, in the same way that we like to claim his professional and sports performances. Not necessarily glorious but so jubilant, especially for those who seek to "revenge" on the rest of the fairer sex ... What's more titillating, in fact, than going to steal the man who "belongs" to another? Then we clear ourselves by saying that if we managed to get out of the right path, it was because he was not to be satisfied with his relationship.

One way to escape his phobia of commitment

Finally, if the married man acts sometimes like a magnet, it is because he avoids some women to confront too much frontally with these decisions which frighten them, like the fact to definitively give up their celibacy or to have children, a fear that finds its source in each person's personal history. Often, we find in this past parents who were torn during childhood, separated in pain, an ex-spouse who destroyed them, led by boat ... Because they dread to reproduce the same patterns they deliberately or unconsciously choose men with whom they will not engage or half. A risky tactic because even if they want to protect themselves, these women often end up falling in love and want more than being a part-time lover.

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