August 16, 2022

Depress, depression, how to differentiate them?

How to make the difference ?
Not easy to distinguish the depression from the depression. Especially since, in everyday language, the word depressed has become commonplace, expressing a decline in morale, both minor and major. Faced with this confusion of words and evils, time is on our side to help us differentiate depression from depression.
The depression (transient) is characterized by a passage to empty or the desire to do nothing. The withdrawal, the feeling of sadness and loneliness predominate. But that does not last: vital momentum and energy take over. In the case of depressionmood disorders persist. Duration then becomes an aggravating factor and evocative of great suffering.
Establish the diagnosis
Depression, a state of mind that everyone suffers one day or another. Answer to failure, to disappointment, it is manifested by a drop in energy, a difficulty in appreciating social activities, weight gain, a feeling of fatigue, difficulty in getting to sleep. All these events are transient.
The depression associates a set of morally characteristic symptoms: loss of pleasure and interest, difficulty concentrating, loss of memory, feeling of worthlessness, On a physical level too: fatigue, loss of energy, sleep disturbance (insomnia or hypersomnia), loss or gain of weight accompanied by appetite disturbance, psychomotor retardation, decreased sexual desire.
But in general, 3 conditions must be met to say that we are making a depression. First, feel a generalized sadness. Then, no longer enjoy anything, even our favorite activities. Finally, totally lack energy. These symptoms must persist for several weeks.
The blues often find their source in love sorrows and other failures (disappointment in love, mourning ...). Winter also throws a cold on the morale, we speak in this case of "winter blues". The days that shorten, the absence of light, the cooling temperatures are the reason of our morale and cause a disruption of our internal clock and a desynchronization of our biological rhythm. A moody mood that gives us bruises to the soul, plunges us into a bad state, a passenger misfortune.
Social ill, the depression wreaks havoc and touches more and more people. In France, nearly 3 million people are concerned. If the depression It affects mainly women and increases with the age of patients, but it does not spare young adults. One in 10 men versus one in five women has been, is or will be depressed over the course of their lives. Main cause: stress, real plague of the current society. Other factors are involved: inactivity, educational level, income, family and personal situation (bereavement, separation ...).
Appropriate treatments?
Once the diagnosis is made, place the appropriate care. No medication is prescribed to treat depression. In contrast, doctors will advocate natural ways to fight insomnia that often accompanies depression (exercise, reading, light meal before bedtime).
The best treatment against depression remains prevention. Because of its contagious nature, it has been observed that children of depressed parents are more likely to develop pathology. The disease can wreak havoc on patients as well as those around them. Vigilance is required to detect the warning signs. Fortunately, the depression heals, and better and better, especially if it is detected quickly.
The first step is to consult your GP, who can then refer to a psychiatrist. The use of antidepressants combined with anxiolytics (drugs that calm anxiety), helps restore a "normal" mood. Finally, to fight against depressionyou have to be patient.

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