August 14, 2022

Depression: how to recognize it?

Sadness, insomnia, irritability ... the symptoms of a depression are variable according to age and individuals. But whatever they are, we notice, in the person affected, a break from the usual state.

The signs
- The mood disorder: it is manifested by pathological sadness, the person is crying for nothing. To differentiate from the normal sadness that occurs during a painful event.
- Psychomotor retardation: it is translated by a set of physical and psychic signs. "We can also make the diagnosis from the waiting room, says the psychiatrist.The patient gets up slowly, takes small steps, there is a loss of swinging arms, the face is not very expressive, the sentences are short and the voice lacks tone. "

Other common symptoms:
- Insomnia or hypersomnia.
- Lack of appetite or conversely, bulimia.
- The blunting of sexual desire.
- Constipation, stomach ache.
- Permanent fatigue.
- An indifference to the usual pleasure.
- A social life slowed down, if not nonexistent.
- Black ideas, a tendency to pessimism.
- Irritability or even aggression.

Of course, the depressive does not feel all these symptoms systematically. As Dr. Raffaitin points out, "Americans say that at least five of these signs must be present daily for a fortnight, but I think it's a bit artificial, but if some of its signs persist for weeks, there's high probabilities for you to do a real depression. However, some patients express their disease with only one of these symptoms, which disrupts the diagnosis. "

The Ministry of Health and INPES (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education) are launching an information campaign called "Depression in Adults: Find Out More to Get Out of It."
A website of information and testimonials is made available to the public and professionals as well as a leaflet available on this site or among health professionals.


Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Depression (August 2022)