January 16, 2022

Descaling and tooth whitening, we take stock

The descaling
As the name implies, scaling is the removal of tartar from the tooth surface. Whenever we eat or drink something, food residues get deposited and create plaque. It is the latter which gives a slight yellow color to teeth.
When we brush teeth effectively, dental plaque is removed without problems. But when the brushing is lacking, the plaque mineralizes under the action of bacteria contained in saliva and becomes hard. Impossible then to reduce it with a simple brush to teeth. It is during a consultation at the dentist that the latter will be able to overcome it, quickly, painlessly and for a fee exceeding that of a consultation for registered practitioners.
Using a vibrating metal tip, the dentist will scratch the surface of the tooth where tartar has formed and peel it off with a small jet of water. Another device, kind of mini-vacuum cleaner will recover all the residues. The session ends with the passage on teeth of a small round and rotating brush which, coated with a paste, will polish the surface of teeth and remove the last spots and asperities. As a bonus, we get this feeling of teeth all smooth and sweet that we love.
Dental whitening
If the descaling has only one action on the surface of the tooth, making it look natural, the effect is only lasting if regular brushing is carried out. teeth. On the contrary, tooth whitening has an action in the heart of the tooth and can therefore change its color durably. Much more technical and long, it is a care that requires several consultations at the dentist, patience, motivation and more budget means (between 300 and 600 euros). This treatment can only be performed if you do not have teeth devitalised or composites (which will not change color), bare collars or strong gingival sensitivity.
Two whitening techniques exist. The first is to bleach directly in the dental office. For about 1 hour, the patient will wear on teeth a whitening product activated by a blue light to boost its effectiveness. For the second, it is necessary to show a real motivation since the technique consists in wearing several hours per day for about 15 days gutters containing the same whitening product as that used at the dentist but at lower concentrations. In the end, we can win several shades for a period that ranges, according to people from 3 to 5 years.

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