June 10, 2023

Detect and relieve growth pains in children

A very rare disease
Often skeptical, parents experience many difficulties in understanding where the evil is coming from children for it never manifests itself during the day and causes them no difficulty in walking. That they are reassured, growth pains are a very rare disease, which affects only about 5 to 15% of children, and whose origins we do not know exactly.

How to recognize it?
Even if it remains mysterious for many, there are some factors to take into account to recognize it. Indeed, it can happen that generations ofchildren and teenagers from the same family suffer from growth pains. This is probably something to dig out if your child tells you he has sore legs. The growth spurt is another trigger for pain not to be neglected.

To pay attention
If you have been diagnosed with growth pains at your childbe patient and attentive Most often the pain goes with the end of the push, so it is a matter of accompanying your child in this moment that can last several months. The most beneficial and without being invasive, leg massages will relieve lasting pain. If possible, avoid giving her too many painkillers that may be harmful to children too much consumption. Finally, offering him sessions with a chiropractor can also help him overcome this difficult passage.

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