June 23, 2024

Detox diet: 10 appetite suppressant tips for healthy eating

To avoid succumbing to these nibbling urges, those sudden cravings of chocolates or chips while trying to pay attention to its weight, here are some tips to try. They can be very effective in the context of a diet food, it avoids us to crack at the first opportunity and therefore we avoid going through the guilt phase that follows a crack!

Drink a big glass of water and wait 10 minutes It is obviously necessary to do it when one is busy to have the opportunity to think of something else during this waiting time. If after this period of time our stomach always screams famine we will be able to allow a snack like fruits, yogurts or cereal bar (one more step). If after 10 minutes we do not think about it, it was a simple drive, a desire to eat something because we are bored or just because we are greedy.

Have a regular snack : to authorize it avoids us to think about it all the afternoon. We have a balanced snack to avoid being hungry and cracking on anything later in the day. When it has become regular our stomachs will not even think of eating any more, since tea time will be dedicated to this.

Take your time during meals : Chewing well gives us a feeling of satiety. The ideal would be to eat quietly and without any other activity to focus only on his plate and therefore his meal. We become aware of what we swallow and we will think less about eating the rest of the day.

Eat high fiber products : they swell the stomach and slow down digestion, so it should delay all feelings of hunger.

take care : reading, board games, gardening, cinema, playing sports ... The days when we do not work temptations are all the greater. So we must seek to attend to a maximum so that our mind is focused elsewhere than on our bidou.

Drink all day : water of course! Because at first it is essential for our survival, our skin, our complexion and our line, all these reasons should motivate us alone. This keeps our digestive system in action and therefore avoids us thinking about eating. We can also add squeezed lemon juice in our bottle, it is excellent in the context of a diet and it's full of vitamin C.

Consume agar-agar tea : this tea has the particularity of swelling our stomach with zero calories. By cooling in the stomach the liquid gels and requires more effort to be digested by our body. More simply, green tea also proves to be very effective as an appetite suppressant, in addition to possessing high antioxidant qualities.

Think fresh fruit salad : Chew a green apple at the end of each meal is seen and reviewed! The fruit salad gives more desire, it is more varied and it is greedy. We avoid the addition of sugar on the other hand. It will satisfy us more than a very sweet pie-type dessert and it remains succulent, we put on it also to delay the feeling of hunger in the afternoon.

Eat at a fixed time : this will put a certain regularity in our pace of life, our stomach will get used to eating at such and such time and will not even think about it the rest of the day.

Test the brewer's yeast : this method begins to be known, it consists of taking a few capsules of yeast with a large glass of water before each meal (they are found in pharmacy in the radius diƩt '). They will stall us and we avoid eating more than necessary. Beer yeast is also excellent for skin, nails and hair.

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