August 14, 2022

Detox diet: the benefits of steam cooking

Beyond its health benefits, steam cooking can reveal many other benefits. To motivate yourself to go to the steam kitchen, here is a list of benefits of this type of cooking:


It's light : it is a light and low calorie cuisine. We cook without any fat, food cooked this way help us burn fat by including them and thus evacuate them more easily. The fact of not adding fat also decreases the amount of calories swallowed. If we cook vegetables vapors, these often require more energy to be digested than the calories they contain themselves.


It's full vitamins and minerals cooking in this way preserves the nutritional qualities of the food. They are cooked at a lower temperature than, for example, the frying pan. vitamins and minerals to resist this source of heat. It diffuses slowly in food and thus respects their cellular structure. Food is also safe from the air in this type of cooking.


It's quick : steaming requires a steamer or a bamboo container that is placed over a pan of boiling water. In both cases, the principle is simple we place our food in small compartments, dirty, pepper or other and let the water vapor do their job. No trace of fat and a little crunchy taste we love. Food is hermetically sealed during steam cooking, so heat can spread quickly, so cooking is fast. In addition, there is no risk of overflow, we can go to other occupations while the meal is preparing.


It's varied it can be adapted to many dishes, steam cooking is not just for vegetables green contrary to popular belief. The fish steam is excellent, it can be covered with vegetables, a zest of lemon and several condiments to make a succulent meal and very good for health. If you try to monitor your weight, this type of cooking is ideal.


It's colorful : you can have fun setting up pretty plates consisting only of products steamed for a very harmonious result. Steam cooking has the advantage of having food keep its original color. Little trick: pour a fillet of lemon juice on vegetables before the start of cooking to bring out their colors even more.


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