April 17, 2024

Diet after giving birth: the secrets of the people

Angelina Jolie: the fish diet

Pregnant twin, she was bedridden the last days of her pregnancy before having a caesarean section. Very attentive to her diet, she was already asking for salmon for her lunches. After the birth of Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon in July 2008, she did not miss a minute to go on a diet. Especially since she did not breastfeed the twins. And giving breast is known to burn more calories. His menu consisted mainly of fish (mainly salmon), grilled vegetables, cottage cheese and preferably fresh fruit. Successful mission: she was ultra-thin again appearing on the arms of her husband Brad Pitt for the release of the film "Benjamin Button". With the idea of ​​being pregnant again at the first candles blown by newborns, the mother of six children also takes prenatal vitamins.

Jennifer Lopez: sports galore

The Latin bomb had taken nearly 23 pounds to give birth to her two children Max and Emme. Seven months later, she made an appearance in public in a beautiful white dress and a body just pulpy. His secret? Sports, sports, sports. She does no less than three hours of exercise a day. On the diet side, she opted for the famous Low Cab low carb diet. For daily meals, it is forbidden to exceed 1400 calories. For this, it is prohibited to swallow any type of sugar: chocolate, pasta or dried fruit. She has already lost more than 18 kilos!
Ashlee Simpson: No more fast food

The young mother gave birth to a small Bronx Mowgli last November and wants to find her line as soon as possible. She chose the Jackie Keller technique. The latter is a former anorexic whose objective is to reconcile people with a quality diet and especially balanced. So she created a company that sells dishes made with seasonal fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and of course little fat. Ashlee Simpson had made bad habits during her pregnancy by going too often to fast food. Now she does a lot of sport and at breakfast, it is full bread and fruit.

Jessica Alba: chicken exclusively

It took him less than four months to lose the pounds of his pregnancy. Little, she had encountered weight problems from where her hard fight to recover her sex symbol body. She feeds almost exclusively on chicken meat with some vegetables. These are energy and low calorie foods. She often cracks for green salads with walnuts or pine nuts. For the little ones, she takes one or two natural toasts with scrambled eggs. Also sporty in the soul, after his delivery Jessica Alba has therefore resumed an intensive daily program: 10 minutes of treadmill, 10 minutes of cardio mat, one hour of bodybuilding. She also loves martial arts and stretching. After all these efforts, she drinks a lot of water.

Christina Aguilera: vegetarian diet

She gave birth to Max in January 2008 and she had a hard time losing the eighteen kilos accumulated during the pregnancy. She had eaten a lot of sweets. So she had imposed a severe diet. She fed on fruits and vegetables for four months and drank a lot of water. She banished too rich dishes, meat, fish and bread from her diet. She did a lot of sport to speed up the process. Her thing is the rower. 90-minute sessions, five times a week.

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