December 1, 2021

Diet: what's wrong with gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in most cereals and therefore flours. Difficult to avoid, and yet, according to a market survey conducted in the United States by the NPD Group, nearly 30% of Americans have removed gluten from their diet against only 1 to 2% of French.

Gluten: true or false problem?
The story begins in the United States where stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, or Jessica Alba praise the benefits of diet gluten free. This protein is present in wheat, rye or barley, ie in 80% of cereals, becomes the pet peeve of consumers. We are talking about the "gluten free diet". Goodbye prepared meals, pizzas and pastries. And for good reason, gluten is everywhere. It is he who gives his mellow bread but also to link the sauces.

If this diet gluten-free makes it possible to lose weight, there is some for whom this cereal protein causes other evils: abdominal pains, tiredness or migraine. We speak of gluten intolerance and the most serious level of this pathology, called celiac disease, is an inflammation of the walls of the intestine. It would affect 500,000 people in France. They are obliged to completely remove gluten from their meals. As for the followers of the gluten free dietthey are not unanimous, especially with doctors. This would indeed create deficiencies. They advocate further reduction of sugar and fat. For their part, nutritionists see an opportunity to rethink their diet by incorporating more fresh produce and vegetables. As a result, gluten-free recipes are becoming more and more numerous, giving restaurants a hundred or so ideas in France, which now offer them their cards.

"To live without gluten is possible and it makes you lose weight"
Remove all gluten-based foods as part of a diet strict is not simple but not impossible either. Benjamin Dariouch (, nutrition expert, and Marion Kaplan (, bio-nutritionist and author of the book Food without gluten or dairy products Editions Jouvence, we deliver some tips.

Does the gluten-free diet really make you lose weight?
Benjamin Dariouch:
"Reduce pasta and the breadit's good for the line. This is not new. And remove fast food from his daily life, it's even better! But the best advice is to relearn how to cook fresh products. "

Marion Kaplan: "Yes, without hesitation. diet gluten-free encourages reintroduction of vegetables, rice and oils (olive, nuts) in his diet. I advise to try for a month and see the result. You have the right to eat a roast chicken with fries and the next day a dish of sushi. In addition, I also advise to remove sugar and dairy products, but everyone can go at their own pace. "

Is not it too restrictive?
"It all depends on your basic diet, and for someone who only eats pizzas or sandwiches, it's going to be more complicated, but buckwheat flour, spelled or chestnut are just as good. There is also the fish, vegetables steamed, the choices are varied. "

MK: "France is the country of bread and cheese. We are not ready to say goodbye to these products and manufacturers are counting on it, but the Chinese and even today the Americans have understood that gluten is responsible for many chronic diseases. We need to do more prevention on this topic. The diet gluten-free is not restrictive, it's just about wanting to eat healthier. "
According to you, trying gluten-free life seems to mean adopting it. Yet this still gives rise to a debate ...
"If removing gluten can get people to take more time to cook, then yes I think it's worth a try."

MK: "People are starting to think that their stomach problems are related to their diet, especially gluten, and doctors are not trained to provide nutrition advice.They talk about deficiencies, I answer them that it is easily possible to live without gluten and that many of my clients have been feeling better in their bodies and their heads ever since. "

What is Gluten? (December 2021)