October 21, 2020

Dinetto.fr: delivery of bio basket at home

Are you one of those who do not like to linger in supermarkets? For you, race rhymes with chore and every week you dread the walkabout between the shelves and cart traffic? But yet, you force yourself because you pay attention to your food and that you like to choose your products, to simmer good dishes then to savor them with family ... Thus, every week, it is the same ritual. You go to the supermarket. Once the turnstile is over, you have 20 minutes, top chrono, to fill the cart with your magic list. Today, everything can change! Mail order sales and home deliveries of food goods are growing more and more. Among them, a new site that caught our attention: www.dinetto.fr.
Dinetto is the explicit and exotic name of a new site on the Web. The idea is ingenious and tasty. The principle: you are delivered each week a shopping bag for 4 meals of 4 people. The bag contains food organic, varied and seasonal (as well as meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products ...) but also groceries (cereals, spices ...). Bonus: Dinetto offers you a list of good recipes to cook for the week. The recipes are meant to be easy (less than 30 minutes to prepare them) and are intended to please the big and small of the family.

How it works ? It is necessary to connect on www.dinetto.fr and to subscribe. The customer can choose his delivery schedule (once a week or a week on two), then he pays monthly.

Rates: the price of the tote is 105? What gives us an average of 6.5? the meal per person. An interesting price for the products offered. For the first order, the bag is 95?
This approach is unpublished in France. Dinetto.fr was inspired by our dear Swedish neighbors, often precursors in many fields. Today, they offer us a new way of organizing and cooking everyday.
To find out more, visit //www.dinetto.fr/

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