December 10, 2023

Disappear, Olivier and Patrick Pepper d'Arvor

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The hero
Lawrence of Arabia could not stand to have been transformed into star, in romantic celebrity.
Alternately a spy, a nomad, a poet or a warrior, this adventurer sought rather to flee the world.

The plot
Our man commits suicide from the first pages of the novel. In a coma, he remembers his adventures, his difficult childhood, the recognition he never sought ... He will also remember the love he felt for his brother.

The decor
The hero died in the south of England in 1935 ... where he was born. But he lived his adventures in the deserts of Orients, whose calm and isolation only calmed him.

The style
Written in the first person, this novel is more like a testimony than an autobiography. Supported by a delicate style, it is particularly touching.

Three adjectives to describe this book
Romantic, poetic, adventurous.

Why you will like
Above all for the portrait of this adventurer, for his suffering soul, but also for the beautiful description of the fraternity that draws Pepper of Arvor.

The presenter of the twenty hours of TF1 and his younger brother, diplomat, have already written together a dozen novels, including "Pirates and corsairs" and "Treasure hunters and other buccaneers".

Disappear, Olivier and Patrick Pepper of Arvor, Gallimard, 18,50?
Read the prologue

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