April 10, 2021

Discover the benefits of plants

Recognized for its relaxing and antispasmodic qualities, lavender is ideal for everyday relaxation after a day. Used as essential oil in the bath, it relaxes the most irritated minds and calms small rheumatic pains. In herbal tea, the lavender flower acts against bloating and nervous stomach pains. In balneotherapy, it is also used for the disorders of the circulation.

Thyme is full of phenol, specifically thymol, which is a very effective antiseptic. This plant, used as an infusion, fights respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, colds, flu, asthma and relieves coughs. Indispensable for the winter! As a decoction, thyme is an anti-inflammatory, it reduces the pain due to falls, sprains ... On the beauty side, thyme also has nice virtues: it tones the body, tightens the skin and revitalizes the scalp.
The flowers and elderberries are valued for improving immune defenses and eyesight, fighting cholesterol, infections and heart problems. A magic medicinal plant! These berries, rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, are a powerful antioxidant. It is found under form syrup to dilute in water or infusions. The leaves, used as a poultice, relieve toothache, bruising and burns.

Digestive problems, nausea, gastrointestinal spasms? Mint is your best ally! Used in herbal tea to keep all its medicinal qualities, mint, strong in manganese, iron and antioxidant is perfect after a meal or for people with digestive problems. It also has anti-infectious and toning properties. And for the winter, the essential oil of mint associated with the eucalyptus in inhalation will put an end to your cold!

Your sleeping pill may have found a real ally: valerian. Its calming and tranquillizing virtues make of them a plant very used to find a good sleep, without effect of accustoming. It also acts against mood disorders such as nervousness, depression, anxiety, anxiety ... Administered under form capsules, valerian is also prescribed for smoking cessation because it helps to alleviate the stress due to lack of nicotine.


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