December 3, 2020

Discover the fashion gimmick of Ségolène Royal, Martine Aubry and Elisabeth Guigou

If the presidential election is not a beauty contest, it is becoming a fashion show. If in politics, the dress does not make the monk, and the style the candidate N ° 1 of the PS, we could observe at the universities of the PS a taste of these ladies for the jacket red. Martine Aubry, Ségolène Royal and Elisabeth Guigou, a pioneer of style in politics, got the word out (and the stylist?) when packing. Subliminal foot call to the left of the left, or the desire to harangue the crowds during meetings, the 3 funny ladies of the PS are found perfectly matched.

To each his style to wear the jacket red: with a clear top for Ségolène Royal who dares jacket glossy satin, classic for Martine Aubry on a black top, or After the makeover of Martine Aubry who says bye bye to jackets tuxedo in favor of a more feminine overcoat and the new brushing of Ségolène Royal, or fashion for Elisabeth Guigou who launches into the jacket without collar, to each his little jacket to impose his voice.


ONE LINE ART CHALLENGE *one continuous line for 30 minutes* (December 2020)