June 13, 2024

Divorce-party: what if you adopt the concept?

A session-outlet to chase bad memories
A true institution in the United States, divorce-party could also quickly enter the hearts of France. It must be said that this ritual, consisting of organizing a big party where we invite all his address book to celebrate the end of his marriage, has something liberating and jubilant! One can indeed end in joy - even in the most complete delirium - all the worries of the past months like the passage before the judge, the appointments with the lawyer and the administrative baffles. The most sober will organize for the occasion a picnic, a large meal home made or an evening in a nightclub with their close friends. The most convinced (but also the most resentful probably) prefer to indulge in activities such as burning their wedding dress, decapitate the figure of the ex on the mounted piece or melt his wedding rings in a crucible. For those neo-divorced who have frankly bad, many American sites, such as Bad Girl Party Supplies or Lovehategifts offer besides kits ready for this type of circumstances. Better, agencies of "divorce - planner" propose you to organize from A to Z the event. Proof that we do not stop progress.


A moment qIt can be shared between former spouses

But if the divorce-party can serve as catharsis during which one breaks (more or less) sweetly sugar on the unworthy husband become ex, it can also reunite the two former spouses if they have well digested the separation. It was during the summer of 2011 the top Karen Elson and Jack White, the leader of the group White Stripes. "In honor of the shared moments, we organize a divorce party: an evening together in Nashville to reaffirm our friendship and celebrate the past and the future with our close friends and family » they explained in a statement before clarifying "We remain sincere friends and parents for our wonderful children Scarlett and Henry Lee. We feel very fortunate for the time we have shared and the time we will spend alone or together, watching our children grow up. " An option "we love each other more but we still love each other" which Kate Perry did not want beautiful and good without Russel Brand that she set sail last October to Las Vegas, to do the fiesta with "loved ones she prefers ».

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