October 5, 2022

Do not play sports on an empty stomach!

For Dominique Poulain, when one practices a sportthere is not a stereotyped diet to respect. The point is to reach what she calls a food serenity, eat healthy and enough to hold on.
It all starts with the breakfast which is essential to start the day well and what you do sport or not. Take it as you please, get out of bed quietly, more hurriedly on the way or arriving at your workplace, but do not skip it!

If you play sports at lunch time
Normally if you have had a good breakfast your body is able to hold until the end of the sporting activity. Always plan a time for lunch after, it's important. Take at least one sandwich, food is still banned but it's better than nothing, or a salad if you have little time.
If your first meal was very light, have a snack break in the morning. "Be careful that it is not too close to your time of sport because digestion requires some form of energy and oxygen. Indeed, by the time you arrive at the hall of sportyour body will have to choose between digestion and action. Naturally he will opt for digestion, therefore you will not be able to move in the same way. I therefore recommend leaving an hour and a half minimum between the two, "said Dominique Poulain.
The snack should not be too rich. It can be composed of a fruit, a yoghurt or a cereal bar. The latter should preferably be fruit-based rather than chocolate-based ".

If you play sports after work or in the early evening
Lunch properly avoiding too rich dishes that require a long digestion. Again, either you hold until the appointed time, or your body needs a snack, (fruit, yogurt or two - three biscuits). If you are fond of dried fruits, consume them in moderation because they are dehydrated products, so rich in sugar.
As the dietician points out, "if you can, eat a sandwich of bread with butter and jam or an individual roll of walnuts, for example, do not feel guilty, do not feel guilty, it is better to eat a voluminous food that will calm you down. the more you feel hungry, rather than taking back a second bar of cereals.It is the uncontrolled and repeated food intake during the day that make you fat, not the balanced meals and a snack.
Even if you do not do sportit is better to have a snack instead of throwing on three 0% yogurts and a piece of cheese, much more caloric, coming home.
Dine normally after your sports activity. Your body needs to recover. When this one works he empties his reserves of sugar, the glucogen, which is specifically found in the liver and the muscles. By not forgetting to eat after, you will allow your muscles to recharge.

The importance of hydration
Do not forget to drink before, during and after exercise. "Your urine should always be clear, it is proof that you are hydrating properly".
It's not three or four mouthful sips before the sport which will make you well hydrated. Hydration is part of a healthy lifestyle such as diet and it must be constant.

Dominique Poulain is the author of:
"The best recipes to be in shape"
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