August 15, 2022

Do you have a smoky look

It's all about playing with overlays and blurring lines. Easy to say but harder to do!
Four steps are essential to the success of this Hollywood look:
The base
Unify your skin by applying a foundation. Put a natural blush on your cheeks without climbing up to the cheekbones. Do not emphasize the rest of the face since the eyes will be very makeup. With a black or anthracite pencil, underline the lash line (lower and upper) while remaining flush. The line should be thicker at the outer corner of the eye.

The shadow
Apply a shade, medium gray or taupe, on the eyelid and along the fold with a suitable brush. Start from the outer corner of the eye and decrease the amount of shadow as you return to the inner part. Then blend the edges with a brush.

With a bevel brush (to go flush with the eyelashes), apply black or anthracite shade. As for the other steps, start with the outer corner. It must be superimposed on the liner * that you have drawn at the beginning, blurring the color in the middle gray.
Remember to focus more on the outside and blend in the interior. Also put some shadow on the lower lashes, on the liner, with the end of the brush.

The eyelashes
Put your mascara on the eyelashes, paint them and dry them. Then apply a second coat, only on the upper lashes.

The lips
Do not insist on the mouth. Dress it in a soft color or a clear gloss, nothing more.

Choice of colors:
You will get a smoky look by superimposing, blending, spreading liner and dark eye shadows. Black gives a very theatrical effect but other colors are also suitable:
- anthracite, brown or taupe: for a softer look or a clear skin
- navy blue, black gray or black: for a very dark look or dark skin

To know :
The secret of a successful smoky lies in the choice and application of color. The effect will be more intense with more shade and liner!
As for color, it's a simple matter of taste! Try different shades and blends to find the best combination for your eyes.
Black liner associated with dark gray eye shadow is undoubtedly light. Know how to book this style for the evening. For the day, play with other shades such as brown, navy blue or indigo tones.

liner *: pencil or eye liner

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