May 28, 2024

Dolce vita and well-being with GB THERMAE HOTELS

There everything is luxury, welfare, pleasure and pleasure ... A few weeks after the start of the school year, you are already dreaming of escaping for a weekend or a stay welfare in one spa high quality ? Already much appreciated in the times of the Romans, the Baths find a second youth with the GB THERMAE HOTELS.
It is in the region of Venice, that GB THERMAE HOTELS built its hotel complexes ... With its experience, and fango (this mud with benefits like no other like), GB THERMAE HOTELS has developed courses welfare, tailored to your needs: blue course especially recommended for those who suffer from heavy leg syndrome; detoxifying yellow course, draining, remodeling; red course with energizing and energizing effects; green anti-stress course with its already famous facial "milk and chocolate"; and turquoise course for these gentlemen ....
Do you already see yourself there? U.S. too !
For more information, visit and call toll-free 0080088118811
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