February 22, 2020

Dossier Back home: help him with his homework

In order for the homework to be done properly, you need to arrange a work space for your child. A desk, a lamp, and a pencil pot containing the minimum necessary: ​​pencils, eraser, scissors, glue.

Just afterschool, give him time to decompress at least 30 minutes around a good tasting. Take the opportunity to ask him questions about the course of his day. Once your agenda is open, move away from any source of entertainment: TV, games videos, music ... if he's not focused, his homework will be sloppy and take more time. In primary school, the time devoted to homework varies between 30 and 60 minutes. Beyond, fatigue sets in and your child has only one desire: to finish as soon as possible.

Should we help him?

Of course, you can be ready for your child when he does his homework. But helping him does not mean doing homework for him. Do not confuse your role with that of his teacher. Explain if he does not understand but do not correct all his mistakes. Otherwise, the teacher will not be able to guess that he is making mistakes and will not explain to him what he did not acquire.

If you work and your child does their homework, always take the time to reread his lessons and check with him that he has not forgotten anything. He will be pleased to see you are interested in his work and will be even more proud to bring you his good grades.