July 12, 2024

Dossier Rentrée: what is the profile of the ideal teacher?

Indeed, a patient and attentive mistress will certainly have more results with your children than another more stressed and very demanding. Similarly, if your child falls on a teacher who loves to go out, visit museums ... etc., he will have the chance to discover multitudes of things in relation with his traditional program school.

How would you like to be the teacher you would like for your children?

Anne-françoise, 32 years old: "I expect the teacher to listen to the child, to reassure her, to be smiling and to be reassuring. the parents !".

Alexandra, 38: "For me, the ideal teacher is the one that makes my son want each morning to go to Until today, they have always been at the top and he loves theschool".

Gerald, 40 years old: "I expect a teacher to be a pedagogue and to know how to be respected by her students She must be patient but not walk on her feet. of the whole class equally, especially if the levels are different ".

Ludovic, 29: "Since it's my first child to go to schoolschool, I am waiting for her teacher to give me the maximum of information about the course of the year school to come up".