June 23, 2024

Dr. beauty: how to apply his blush?

Essential for perfecting a zero defect complexion and adding a good-looking embellisher effect, the blish has become an indispensable accessory of our vanitys.

Step N ° 1 the choice of the blush
But between the different colors, the textures (powder, gel, cream), it is not always to navigate the perfume departments and find the one you need.

To help you in your choice of blush, discover here the selection of the special blush writing

Step N ° 2 how to apply it
- For good looks: for a good-looking effect, choose a blush coral, gel texture or powder texture. If you opt for a gel, put a small amount on the index, and spread it on the cheekbones, starting from the bulge of the cheekbone to the temples. If you choose a blush powder, apply it with a large brush.

- To refine the lower face: if you have a neck a little larg, do not hesitate to use your blush and to cheat! The blush, placed on the chin has the virtue of redrawing the lower face and thus refine it.

- To hide the cheeks a little round
Do you dream of Victoria Beckham's ultra-thin face but have Tic's cheeks from Walt Disney? Choose a blush Amber, which you will apply by blending it between the bone of the cheekbone and the temple to create relief which will have the effect of creating a shadow and redraw the face.

- In replacement of the sun powder
If you have clear skin and say a natural "sun kissed" effect, prefer a blush orange, applied on the cheekbone and played blurs. Weekend effect in the open air guaranteed!