October 5, 2022

Dr. Mode's prescription: how to wear the lumberjack shirt?

Country cousin of the Scottish tartan, the shirt Lumberjack offered himself this winter a small facelift. View in Isabel Marant collections, Urban Outftters, the shirt Lumberjack has earned his stripes of must-have fashion.


Until then reserved for males slumped in their couch in front of a football match with a pizza + Coke meal tray, the shirt Lumberjack has managed the feat of seducing fashionistas like Taylor Momsen, Lindsay Lohan, among others ...


But if you do not want to be called "sir" at the supermarket when you land with your shirt checked on the back, some tips are needed:


1_ The choice of print: Like the tartan, there are 1001 tiles. More or less small, in your tone, or in red and black, you find the right pattern for the good look. Yes to big red and black tiles, provided then to wear it open, on a mini skirt, with leggings for the sexy side or with leggings and low boots. If you do not want to look like an old, worn plaid, do not wear it too wide.


2_ Fashion faux-pas to avoid: the grungette look with boyish jeans and Doc Martens on pain of resembling Samantha Ronson!


3_ The good idea: like Taylor Momsen, we dare to wear the shirt in dress, with fishnet tights. Attention quickdraw rock compulsory!


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