May 23, 2022

Dress up his man according to his morphology

Before "makeover" or improve the appearance of your man, do not go alone rob stores but offer him your help to better dress. The interest of this approach is to find clothes that please him!

First tip: do not throw yourself on the latest fashionable items that instead of making your man handsome will make him look like a clown! The size of the clothes must be absolutely adapted to its morphology, it is not a question of choosing clothes too big or too small, but adjusted. If the costume is too big, we will only see this defect. Beware of the pants, if it has a classic cut, it must imperatively "break" on the shoe.

The choice of colors and patterns should not be too fancy: stripes, candy pink shirts are to be banned, unless he works in a sector called "creative". To be elegant, you have to stay sober.

If your man displays a certain good nature, he must avoid the tight-fitting models (such as slim), praise the merits of straight-cut and fitted trousers that will hide its curves. For the top, a shirt that exceeds it will give it a sportswear and casual look.

If your man is small and wrapped: avoid short jackets and prefer coats or long jackets. The same advice is to apply in tall and thin who must also flee the cuts "slim". Opt for bent clothes that will enhance its silhouette. The jacket, like the pants should be adjusted: in general, a trench gives a lot of class to thin men.

If your man has perfect proportions: 1.85 m for 80 kilos, he can carry everything and you do not need all these tips!
Our advice:
To perfect a look, do not forget the shoes. Avoid moccasins, it's old-fashioned and suggest rather boots, they go to the city as to the office.

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