June 23, 2024

Dress well for Christmas: different styles

Christmas is usually a family party, but if the family is small, we invite very close friends. And in blended families, it is sometimes an opportunity to go on vacation a few days with the children ... So for your Christmas outfit, according to the place and the entourage, follow your desires.
For a traditional family Christmasyou will choose a pretty dress in satin, strapless dress or with thin straps, to wear with pumps with fine heels. Other fabrics such as silk or transparent chiffons are also recommended. You may also prefer to wear a black velvet top that releases your shoulders on a slim pants satin way or on a long skirt. A collar in rhinestones or tinted glass will highlight the neckline.
For a Christmas in the countryside or skiing, be more relaxed; you will spend a Christmas by the fire, comfortable. Abandon the high heels and opt for a comfortable outfit: you jog a little chic, enhanced with rhinestones with gold or silver sneakers or covered with rhinestones. Very cool too, the dress mohair wool tunic to wear on black satin leggings, which you will complete with your sneakers. Or the jeans worn with a nice cozy sweater and adorned with rhinestones.
For Office Christmas, if there is one, sobriety is de rigueur. Your pretty dress black just plain with a short jacket will do. No plunging neckline or transparency for this meal between colleagues!
Our advice
For the evening of Christmas, especially if it's family, avoid the shorts, even chic, you can always keep the idea for the 31!