September 19, 2020

Drink mineral water or spring water?

If tap water is clean water for everyday consumption, because in France it is subject to rigorous quality control, it has a taste and smell that often make it prefer bottled water. These are referred to as "spring water" or "mineral water" and bear controlled denominations in Europe.

The name "spring water" means that your water comes from an underground aquifer, protected from human pollution. The only manipulations allowed to modify the state of the water, as it is in the aquifer, are aeration, decantation and filtration. The sparkling waters can be regasified as well.

The name "mineral water" means that you are dealing with spring water, which naturally contains minerals and trace elements. It is the National Academy of Medicine that determines whether mineral water has sufficient benefits to be honored with the "mineral water" label. Their minerality depends on the nature of the soil that the water crosses before springing at the source.

Legally, the label of a mineral water can not boast its therapeutic benefits. Bottled mineral water does not have the same virtues as when used during spa treatments. Ask your doctor for advice on what water you should drink based on your age and health. Read the labels: the mineral composition is obligatorily indicated there.
Our advice
By drinking mineral rich mineral water, you introduce into your body substances that, in the long run, are not insignificant. This is why it is advisable to alternate brands, spring water and mineral water, to vary the inputs and consume mineral water wisely.

Why you should drink Spring Water and skip Purified Water! Martin Riese Water Sommelier (September 2020)