May 13, 2021

Duel of beauty look: Beyoncé vs Ciara

In his domain, Beyonce remains the undisputed diva. New album that hits the mark, dream life, global recognition and wardrobe to turn Carrie Bradshaw pale, the Queen B does not have much effort to stay on top. While Rihanna is well off to stay in the shadow of her rival all her career, the pretty Ciara (the interpreter of Like a Boy or 1,2 Steps) tries, with ultra-short dresses and blow dry dream, to match Beyonce in beauty.


The mane of tigress

Blonde, brunette or redhead, Beyonce has the annoying tendency to be perfect, whatever the hair color that she approaches. Here, his complexion is illuminated by his slightly coppery blonde. His hair, falsely disheveled, gives him an ethnic and sexy look. The singer of Single Ladies So K.O the little Ciara and his blow dry too wise tinged with locks.


Celebrity makeup

On the make-up side, Ciara opts for a discreet makeup. Glossy lips and a look slightly made up of ocher and black, the r'n'b singer, realized that her sexy dress was self-sufficient. Good point to Ciara who avoids the vulgarity of a master's hand. As for Beyonceif she is the queen of music, she is also the one of bling-bling! Eyes revolver, chewable mouth and peach complexion, it is superb and shines with a thousand lights. So difficult, to decide between the two stars, as beautiful as the other!

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