August 15, 2022

Duel of Princesses: Kate Middleton VS Charlene Wittstock

Pink set on one side, azure blue set on the other. One is blonde with short hair, the other is brown with long hair. A priori, everything opposes these two young women, except their coveted function as Princess. A status that makes you dream of more than one and for good reason, the two Princesses, Kate Middleton and Charlene Wittstock meet in London as part of the Elizabeth II jubilee. The two young women naturally exchange a few words over a drink. And we are interested in their look!
Kate Middleton is known for its sharp sense of style, true trendsetter, the Duchess of Cambridge is a source of inspiration for many fashionistas. She wears at the jubilee a dress signed Emilia Wicksteack. Chic and trendy, the beautiful brunette responds to the codes that imply her role. It shakes a few conventions, however, often using designers in the wind.
Charlene Wittstock does not have a reputation as a fashionist, but that does not prevent it from presenting, at each event, very elegant looks. Nothing denotes, his style is always harmonious and he responds to his functions. Elegance and sobriety, define at best the look of this former sportswoman.
We nevertheless have a soft spot for the pink set, so girly, of Kate Middleton. And what style do you prefer?

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