August 14, 2022

Dyslexia: when reading becomes a nightmare

The dyslexic child often hates reading. And for good reason. Reading a text is a real obstacle for him. He gets confused in the letters, reverses the syllables, reads without marking the punctuation, and above all, does not understand what he deciphers. Because for him, reading is more like a text to decode.
Dyslexia is a disorder of learning to read, which is often accompanied by dysorthography, a difficulty that concerns writing. It is considered a handicap by the WHO. Dyslexia affects 8 to 10% of the population, more boys than girls, and more particularly left-handers.
What are the causes ? So far, the theses differ. This disorder could come from a gene, a psycho-emotional problem or reading methods.
Dyslexia can be seen around the age of 7, when the child is at grade 1 when he learns to read. But we must still differentiate a small butt on one word and another, for whom to decipher the letters is akin to a nightmare. In this case, sessions with a speech therapist remain the best solution to reduce this disorder or even make it disappear.
Although repetition is often recommended by teachers, it is important to note that dyslexia does not condemn the child to short studies. A dyslexic toddler is just as clever as the others. However, help from parents and sometimes from a therapist is often needed to help him regain self-confidence.

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