April 17, 2024

Early learning games: the must-sees for children

Should you choose between different games? Not anymore ! The manufacturer LeapFrog offers you the intelligent console, called Leapster Explorer, or the interactive world map Tag. While children of the 21st century are more than ever fond of new technology, this console is the essential toy for 4-9 years. This gift combines innovation, entertainment and stimulating content for kids.

A unique toy that combines all at once

More than a tablet, this game console is also a camera-camera. Thanks to the external module, the console is transformed into a camera and a camera to develop the artistic sense and the inventiveness peculiar to the children. He can shoot, take up to 1,000 photos and transform them. As for the parents, they will be able to transfer the works of their toddlers on a computer to share them in family or between friends. This console also offers children to have fun with their favorite heroes through games and several downloadable applications. With this awakening game, children will learn, think and of course have fun. Learning to read, write and even take care of a virtual animal becomes a pleasure.

With its high-resolution screen, its simple and playful tactical interface, its current design and its stylus, Leapster Explorer sticks with the times by addressing a new generation of children loves discoveries and knowledge. As for parents, they are winners by investing in the long term with this console that adapts perfectly to age and needs. As you can see, Leapster Explorer offers educational games, a camera and an e-book. By choosing the Leapster Explorer Intelligent Console, parents are sure to offer a gift that is both qualitative, scalable and that allows them to develop their creative spirit.

Recommended price: 64.99 euros
Camera & camera: 19.99 euros
Games (cartridges / applications): from 9.99 euros

Discover the world without moving!

Travel is said to be youthful but for children who have not yet traveled, the manufacturer LeapFrog thought of them by inventing the interactive world map Tag. This interactive and evolutionary double-sided card will awaken children to other cultures while having fun. Thanks to this innovative technology and its magical pen, the spirit of discovery and curiosity of children between 4 and 8 years is really stimulated. Animals, landscapes, famous monuments ... in short the world will have no secret for them.

How it works ? By touching the map with the pen, it comes to life and transports your children to one of the continents of the planet. Through this interactive journey, they can test their knowledge through treasure hunts and quizzes and learn the first words of foreign countries visited. Map reading, names of countries, world music, notion of distance, discoveries of new cultures and landscapes, ... this interactive world map knows how to do everything and your children will be knowledgeable in geography.

The price of this map sold in stores toys, hypermarkets, is 19.99 euros.

Do not miss !

As of October and for six months, the interactive world map Tag experience extends into family at Gulli Park. Located in the Paris region, this park will offer activities to all members of the family and more particularly to children from 4 to 12 years old. For more information, click here

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