August 16, 2022

Early pregnancy: the first anxieties

When we learn that we are pregnant, should we immediately stop all sports activities?
No. At the beginning of pregnancywe can continue the sport without any problem. It is the risk of injury that can be dangerous. In general, the big sports stop their activity towards the fourth month. In fact, as long as the body is used to playing sports, we can continue until we feel discomfort.
And if we drank alcohol without knowing that we were pregnant?
Everything depends on the duration and the alcoholic impregnation ... But in the case of a woman who realizes at the end of three weeks that she is pregnant, and who has a little drunk during this period, it does not There are no worries to be had. On the other hand, continuing to drink alcohol in all its forms (wine, beer, champagne) may have Extremely serious consequences on the fetus (craniofacial, cardiac, ocular, cerebral malformations, with significant mental retardation). Read also (When mom drinks, fetus toast)

We also ask ourselves this question when we continued to take the pill ...
There is no problem if you take the pill. Even the "Diane" type pills (which contain a male anti-hormone product, often prescribed in women who have acne or strong hair) are not likely to feminize a male fetus for example. And this, even with a catch of three months.
Is there a danger in continuing certain treatments during the pregnancy ?
There is blood contact between the mother and the child only after 15 days / 3 weeks. Beyond this period, the continuation of certain treatments can be dangerous, even very dangerous. It all depends of course on the nature of the latter. It is up to us doctors to check with the CRAT (Center for teratogenic action risk) its toxicity on the embryo. In many cases, treatments must be stopped at the beginning of the pregnancy.
What is an ectopic pregnancy?
It's a pregnancy which is located at the level of the horns most often, or at the level of the ovary, but not in the uterus. In general, one realizes it very quickly because of bleeding. The pregnancy ectopic is a medical emergency. In most cases, the procedure is performed by means of celoscopy, but there is a treatment - still little used - which allows the resorption of the egg.
What is a clear egg?

It's a pregnancy which started, but in which there is no embryo. This problem is thought to be due to a chromosomal error. Quite often, this leads to a miscarriage in the first weeks, but sometimes a clear egg is found at the first ultrasound, and curettage is needed to prevent any risk of bleeding or infection.
Are the risks of miscarriage high?
Statistically, miscarriages can happen to any woman and are very common, with about 30% risk. They almost always occur during the first quarter.
When they take place in the first week, they take place without intervention. Beyond 6/8 weeks of pregnancyCurettage is used to prevent bleeding or infection. When the pregnancy stops after 22 weeks, there is no more talk of miscarriage, but of fetal death.
After a miscarriage, is there a waiting time before retrying a pregnancy ?
It depends on the doctors. Personally, I do not advise to wait, because it is already very difficult psychologically for couples. In addition, the recommendation to meet a certain deadline has no scientific justification.

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