August 14, 2022

Easter: 6 tips to make your own chocolates

Good material
No question of hacking, to substitute such utensil for another, the result will feel! Remember the saying "the right tools make the right workers". Give yourself some good equipment, cooking thermometer, kitchen brush, mussels, spatulas ...

Good chocolate
Opt for a good chocolate pastry or couverture according to the chosen recipes. In balls or chopped with a knife chocolate background in a more homogeneous way.

Forget the microwave. The chocolate shall preferably melt in a water bath at a maximum temperature of 55 ° C for chocolate black and 48 ° for chocolates whites and milk. Quickly lower the temperature of 2/3 of the chocolate at about 29 ° (for this place the chocolate previously poured into a bowl or bowl, in a tray of ice cubes). Once this temperature reached incorporate the chocolate remaining. This time the temperature should reach about 32 °. This process, called tempering, avoids chocolate whitening, promotes easy demolding, allows better preservation and ensures candies a nice shine.

A good mold release
To unmould your little wonders without breaking, do not pour directly chocolate in the mold, but apply in a first layer very uniform with a kitchen brush.

A regular form
Once the chocolate poured into the molds, return them to a grid of pastry in order to remove the excess of chocolate. Remember to place a container under the grate to collect the surplus of chocolate which will flow from the molds.

A good assembly
You have undertaken to make eggs, well. Once unmolded, recover the hulls, gently melt the contours in a saucepan and assemble them.

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