April 10, 2021

Elder, youngest or youngest: helping your child find his place in the siblings

How children from the same family and with the same education can they be so different? This question, all parents pose it. However, the answer is simple: the character is forged in particular according to the rank of birth.

At each rank, his personality
The eldest thus often tends to want to be the little leader and to make the law with his brothers and sisters. Moreover, even in adulthood, this character trait tends to remain. It must be said that the eldest is the first child of the couple. Whoever created the family. It is with him that the parents tested and adjusted their education. In short, he is the first, the favorite, the one who holds all the hopes. So, inevitably, this gives him some authority with his brothers and sisters.
For his part, the youngest is often a child tortured. Torn between the elder who is too tall and the youngest who is too small, the youngest often shapes himself. He flourishes in contact with his classmates or on the contrary enjoys himself in solitude, he who did not need anyone to grow. Moreover, its parents often consider it "a plant that grows by itself".
For the youngest, however, it's pretty good life. Often considered the baby of the familyhe is pampered by his parents. And escapes more easily to household chores. He has only to call the eldest he admires so that he does the work for him. In short, it is carried by life and especially by others. But in adulthood, it can play him tricks. He who has never really taken in hand can lose his footing.

Help each child find his place
For the childrenit is never easy to find one's place within the siblings. Quarrels and other disputes are part of everyday life. But these should not degenerate or leave room for bitterness and rancor. Hence the importance for parents to put a stop to it.
So, when the elder takes a little too much control within the family and interferes in the life of his brothers and sisters to better reign, a small reframing is required. Similarly, if the cadet accuses everyone of not caring about him, then again, a discussion will reassure him as to the love that everyone has for him. As for the youngest, it can be a good idea to give him a little more responsibility.
Put the children on an equal footing will only ease tensions between them and help them find their place more easily within the family.